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23rd Feb 2017 - Carlos M. / Spain

HI there. I'm Carlos M. from ****-Studios in Spain, a DIY recording facilty. I just read your book, very inspiring and helpful. Many thanks. Cheers Carlos.

30th Aug 2016 - David D. / Italy

Hi man, I really appreciate your work and your attitude in recording and mixing audio. I have read your book and I found it very eye opening in a period where everything in the music is fake.

17th Aug 2015 - Andy C. / USA

Hi Moses, I just wanted to say that I loved the Sound On Sound interview on YouTube. It was really interesting and refreshing to hear your attitude on recording and the fact that you laugh all the time was very heart warming! :) Thank you for sharing!

16th Feb 2017 - Adam B. / USA

Just bought the book! Unfortunately, I just finished a record so I'll have to save this knowledge for the next one hahaha ... You're an inspiration!

14th Feb 2016 - Rhys B. / Czech Rep.

Hi Moses ... would just like to say how much I have enjoyed watching your interview with SOS and the Alternative Workbook. The "record in the same room" approach is best approach for me.

14th Dec 2015 - Ken H. / USA

Hi Moses. I found your SOS and "Wurst" videos on Youtube, and I'm quite tempted to pay your day rate just to hang out with you and learn what I can. Not only because of your talent and knowledge, but also because of your personality.


"The Alternative Workbook — Or How To Pimp Your Practice Room"

Sound on Sound, 21/08/2014

"Recommended to me by SOS contributor Hannes Bieger, this eBook is, as its full title (The Alternative Workbook — Or How To Pimp Your Practice Room) sugests, aimed squarely at those who are trying to press less-than-ideal spaces into service as recording venues, and those who want to make superb recordings without access to the vast budgets we all wish we had! So, while pretty much all of the techniques described are applicable in any pop/rock recording context, a useful focus is retained on the techniques which are likely to make the greatest impact in sub-optimal rooms...." read more

How to pimp your practice room: German music producer's tips for successful live recordings, 12/09/2014

"Producer Moses Schneider is one of Germany's most influential music producers. Sound on Sound magazine describes him as "quote". Under his influence, Strokes producer Gordon Raphael recorded the Strokes albums "Is This It" and "Room On Fire". Schneider passes on his knowledge with "The alternative workbook or how to pimp your practice room". It is now mandatory reading for live recording. From positioning the band members in the recording room to positioning the mics - in the e-book, Schneider explains techniques to produce the best possible recordings without great expense as well as descriptions and sound samples. He shares his personal approach to producing and his practical experience, including recording the internationally renowned metal band Kreator. The introduction is by Strokes producer Gordon Raphael who took his inspiration from his work with Schneider....." read more

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